The Construction of a Roman Aqueduct

Aqueduct construction w treadwheel and arch construction

This diagram brings every piece of aqueduct construction together. Click to enlarge.

More aqueducts:

Aqua Appia ca 312 bc
(Aqua Appia – the oldest one, 312 BC)

Porta Maggiore in Rome

Porta Maggiore Rome

Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard in France

Pont du Gard in Gaul

Many Arch Aqueduct

Valens Aqueduct 368 AD

Caesarea Aqueduct built by Herod of the New Testament ca 20 BC

Aqueduct os Segovia - Spain ca 50 AD

Aqueduct of Miracles - Merida Spain 1st century AD

Pont del Diable aka Les Ferreres Aqueduct - Tarragona Spain ca Augustus

Plus, check out this page for a neat hamster-sized treadwheel.


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